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How it Works

Full Service Interior Design

France’s goal is to provide clients with the information they need to clearly understand her design services. She can help clients redesign any room in their house from powder room to master bedroom, kitchen and family room. The scope of the work will vary depending on the client’s needs and budget. She will offer her best expertise based on practical solutions.

She offers these full interior design services:

  • Paint consultation indoor/outdoor
  • Wall coverings
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Custom furniture
  • Furniture selection
  • Fabric selection
  • Space planning and furniture layout
  • Flooring/tile/area rugs
  • Kitchen and bath design
  • Closet design
  • Home accessories
  • Artwork
  • Artwork display, including installation and framing
  • Custom window design including window panels, blinds, and hardware selection and installation
  • Sourcing a workroom to create custom designed window treatment and pillows
  • Sourcing an upholsterer to refresh existing furniture or build new furniture
  • Lighting plans

Design Fees

France has a very flexible approach as to how she works with each client because every project is different. When she receives an email or call from a prospective client, she takes the time to discuss with them what they would like to achieve. Once they both feel comfortable, she usually asks the client if they want to help her visualize what they have in mind by creating their own idea portfolio on Houzz.com so they can share their vision with her.

She also asks them to cut from design magazines, their likes and dislikes, which becomes her starting point for their first meeting. She discusses her fees with the prospective client so there is no confusion or surprises later. She then schedules an appointment at their residence, so they can get better acquainted and to review their needs and budget. At that time, she reviews her contract with the client going over the details and questions so all is clear.

Hourly Consulting Fees

Consultation is based on an hourly rate per hour with no minimum. This means that she will not ask the client for any retainer as a guarantee for a specified number of hours. The hourly rate is in the contract and hours will be billed weekly or monthly depending on agreed terms.


Flat Consulting Fees

She and the client agree from the beginning on the number of hours she will spend working on the project based on a proposal, which she has submitted. If any additional hours are required she obtains authorization to continue if needed. The hourly rate is specified in the contract, as is the agreed flat fee.

Purchasing and Sourcing Rates

It is agreed that, unless specified otherwise in the contract, she purchases through Renaissance Interior Design of Chicago, all materials selected and agreed upon for the project. Once approved by the client, she purchases, manages and tracks all items and charges hourly for her time to do so. All designer wholesale items will be marked up with a percentage rate specified in the contract and will be competitively priced. All retail purchases will be sold to the client at the same available retail rates that the client would pay. The retailer will compensate her depending on their designer selling policy, which is transparent to the client. The purchasing policy is fully described in the contract.

Estimates and proposal are available upon request for all design services listed above.